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How do fast-paced games affect the brain?
How do fast-paced video games affect the brain?
The Fifth Estate: Movie activities
IOT: Internet of Things
How technology is transforming homework and classrooms
Telepresence Robot (source: NBC news)
Information society
5Di multimedia projects
Mobile phones
5At multimedia projects
Some useful apps for your multimedia projects
Useful web tools and apps
Steve Jobs: a presentation created with wakelet
Test: what kind of learner are you?
Google search tricks
6 Bad digital habits. (Source:
Take a peek inside an Apple Watch (source: CNN)
What Wearable Technology Can We Expect in Near Future?
Google's self-driving car
Basic personal computer
Basic computer lessons
A brief history of computers
The impact of information and communication technologies on our lives
Teens addicted to Facebook
The history of the internet
How cloud computing works
Tips for using public wifi networks
The history of wireless communications
Discussion topics
The state of virtual reality
Predicting boneheaded driving with technology. Source: CNN
Microsoft is 40 years old
No password needed?
Facial recognition technology
Can robots be creative?
Online threats
Database 3
Database 2
Database 1
Artificial intelligence
Computers that think like humans
Digital citizenship
Jody Williams Helped Ban Landmines. Can She Stop Killer Robots?
Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day
If I want to create my website, what do I have to do?
Online dangers
Revision activities
Computer viruses and other online threats
Computer viruses and other dangers in the internet
Video lessons: technology, social media, net safety
Digital storytelling. Capturing and organizing video, audio and pictures
Email etiquette for students
The Internet could crash: we need a plan B
Disruptive technologies
How the Apple watch works
How does the internet work?
Mac versus PC
Timeline: the history of computers
Timeline: The history of Artificial Intelligence
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Apple buys augmented reality company Metaio
Google latest gadgets
Wearable technology: Project Jacquard
How batteries work
Mac versus PC
Revision activities
Internet addiction
California. Silicon Valley
Writing activities
Young Brits on Internet 27 hours a week
Computer tour
Podcast: software
Digital footprint
Multimedia projects (5At, 5Di)
The history of programming languages
Introduction to computer software
Podcast: basic networking
Podcast: The internet
Podcast: Programming languages
Databases. Watch the video and write a short summary
Video quiz: What is a database?
Are e-readers making books obsolete?
How zombie computers work
Elon Musk introduces Powerwall
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Quick grammar revision
Lesson 2: processing
Lesson 1: Computer hardware
Kaspersky warns us against the Internet of Things, on NBC News
Online shopping
BBC develops 'mind-control TV' headset for iPlayer app
Mobile phones in the classroom lower test scores
WWDC 2015: Highlights
Apple WWDC: highlights
Computer and internet basics
07/ 7 pages
Technology goods to become cheaper
Tesla electric car
Internet addiction and slang: FOMO
Revision tests
Mount Fuji gets free wifi
Solar- powered plane makes history
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A billion people on Facebook in one day
Classi 3At e 3Di
I am an Apple Distinguished Educator, class of 2015
09/ 6 pages
iPhone 6S reviews, by Walt Mossberg
First day of school
How to write your CV
Tech of the future
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Web 2.0 toolkit
Classe 4Di: multimedia projects
Japan's robot hotel: a dinosaur at reception, a machine for room service
The internet
Video: Wearable technologies
Wearable technologies: Cicret wristband turns your arm into a touch screen
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TED-ed lessons
TED-ed lessons
Writing activities
Amazon launches grocery delivery service
No human drivers in 20 years
Revision tests 3At 3Di
12/ 6 pages
Digital trends 2016, from technewsworld
4At showcase
Timeline: The internet
Women in computing
Tech news
01/ 4 pages
Block nuisance phone calls
Ideas for integrating technology into the classroom
2016 International CES in Las Vegas
02/ 3 pages
Half of the world population will be short-sighted
What life will be like in 2116
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Apple-FBI iPhone argument
04/ 2 pages
The internet
05/ 3 pages
Electric shock stops you from buying things
Robot gym
06/ 3 pages
Cyber fraud
Is your website mobile- friendly ?
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I programmi didattici nelle varie classi
Metodologia: la Classe Capovolta,